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Gunsmith Cheats - Weapon unlocks, level selects and all the other good stuff

Click To Play Gunsmith

Press play, then hit enter to enter a cheat.

beardX: beard number X (1-5)
suicide: Commits Suicide
nice knife: knife attack
laugh: Laugh
damn: Get Mad
bloody: Blood drips from gun
fettie: fat
shotgun please: Shotgun
rifle please: Rifle
dark: No idea what this does
dynamite please: 100 Dynamite
ammunition please: 100 Ammunition
taxi!: car
superspeed please: Speed Walk
kid: pet1
parrot: pet 2
no hat: normal look
no pet: Loose your pet
ghost on/off: Turns on or off ghost mode
bigger: You get taller
smaller: You get smaller
leveljumpX please: Level "X" (1-8)
thanks tank: Tank
I bet your mom is dead: Huge gun
cheat-list please: Shows all of the cheats

Click To Play Gunsmith