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Living Room Escape - Detailed Walkthrough

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Thanks James! Living Room Escape is an escape game with funny graphics and best of all a happy ending:

1. Get the rubber strip from the bottom drawer.
2. Get the half glasses from the floor by the couch, and the straw from the glass on the table.
3. Combine all 3 for a snorkel
4. Get the steroids from inside the globe (just click on it to open it)
5. Get the hamster from the cage
6. Get the rope from the curtains
7. Get the umbrella from the holder near the door
8. Combine the rope and umbrella to get a fishing rod
9. Give the steroids to the hamster to get, naturally, a hamster on steroids
10. Give the snorkel to the hamster to get a diver
11. Use the fishing rod on the diver to get a diver on a fishing rod
12. Use the diver on rod with the fish bowl
13. Grab the key
14. Use the key on the front door to escape

Play Living Room Escape