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AS2 Code
Preloader + Intro: Flash 8 .fla
Intro: Preview .swf | Flash 8 .fla
Contact me for an earlier file format or for AS1 code.

AS3 Code
Preloader + Intro: CS3 .fla
Intro: Preview .swf | CS3 .fla
You can change the intro anyway you like to match your game or your frame rate. Please Contact me if you run into problems.

Logo (Adobe Illustrator Document)

DABontv Logo CS3 .ai

Highscore API

AS3 Package (.zip w/ instructions and .fla)
AS2 Package (.fla)
Currently only works on dabontv.com. Soon we'll release a version that will work off of our site and a way for you to put the high score table on your site

Link to DABontv.com

Thanks for your interest in adding a link to DABontv.com. We always appreciate a link from one of our visitors.

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