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Mashhouse Review and Cheats

Clip and Review By: Dom Bruno
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Mashhouse, created by the nose from, joins a prisoner on his escape from a spooky house. You'll first notice the great graphics and game play in this game. It may be buggy at times but overall it is very smooth and fun to play. This game takes patients and precision to beat it.

Similar to The Unfair Platformer, but with better graphics and more exciting traps. Even when you think you're safe, you surely are not. There are many ways of dying, from falling off of a ledge to being rolled over by a large ball. You're going to get very annoyed by this game, but at the same time have a lot of fun.

Click PLAY on the clip to the right to see some of the features in the game. Below are some cheats to help you get through some of the harder levels, and don't forget to Play Mashhouse!

Level 2: manhunt
Level 3: ken
Level 4: lacerus
Level 5: slayer
LEvel 6: abel
LEvel 7: cain
Level 8: ursvamp
Level ?: haut
Level ?: blut
Level ?: fressen
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