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Enter the Apartment - Detailed Walkthrough

Play Enter the Apartment

Step 1: Go to the rug and move it to the left with your mouse and get the key, (key for the big cabinet). Also when you are looking at the rug, look up at the floor board and you should see a little metal piece, grab that.

Step 2: Click behind the cabinet and get the electric power map.

Step 3: Use the cabinet key and get the 2nd key, and screwdriver, move the little square thing to the right and get the voltmeter behind it.

Step 4: Click in the corner to the left of the apartment door and you will find cleaning products, on the top shelf move the bottle to the left and grab the can of oil. Also behind the broom is a crowbar, pick that up as well.

Step 5: Look at the clock and click to the left of it to turn it over. use the metal piece you got by the rug to open it. grab the batteries and put them in the voltmeter.

Step 6: Take the oil can to the red tool box like 10 times to the crack in it on the left hand side. after you do that take the crobar to it about 10 more times and it should give you clippers, now If it hasn’t yet keep trying its buggy.

Step 7: Go to the corner where the vacuum is and try and cut the white wire, it will tell you, you should turn the power off but this should allow you to look at the power box, it may take a while and say that its for a later time. at this time if you’d like you can grab the leaf on the plant, and outside there is a wad of paper you can get that also.

Step 8: Take the screw driver to the screws and take them off. After that you need to enter the numbers into the lock. The numbers correspond to the colors that are on the lock: orange, blue, yellow, gray. Take these colors and look at the map. look at the colored wires and follow the wires to that corresponding number. put the numbers that match the colors in the order of the colors on the lock and click out of the lock it should open for you. mine was 241756378, it might be the same in all the games but I'm not sure.

Step 9: Take the voltmeter and look at the right side of the power box and find the number that matches the color that has no alarm, should be the red number on the map.

Step 10: where you find the number that matches the map should have a number above it and that is the number you need to switch off to the right in the power box. so flip that switch.

Step 11: Go back out and look at the white wire, the power is turned off so you can use the clippers on the wire and it should pop off, take the wire to the back of the cabinet and use it to get the apartment key. to get it put the round part of the wire around the larger part of the key and it should grab it.

Step 12: Take the key and open the door. Just put the key in the middle of the door knob and your done (yay!).

Play Enter the Apartment