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Dots 2 - RPG like ball game

Reviewed By: Krab
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Dots 2

Dots 2. Guess what this game is about? Dots! Dots 2 is a game with strange twist on a classic- collecting dots. It's fun and the extras are mostly neat, that is, until you get bored of it or. Although repetitive for the most part, the game tries to keep your attention for a while, so it's an excellent mindless game.

The essential game play of Dots 2 couldn't be much simpler- you control a character, a circle to be precise, and move around with the arrow keys to collect blue dots. Then, as you move around collecting these dots, different assortment of rocks (or dot shaped rocks?) move in a linear style (up and down, left and right) in an attempt to make your character blow up in blue dust. After each blue dot is collected, another rock appears. Also, each blue dot fills a portion of your "special meter". The special meter lets you use a special ability when full by pressing the "Space" button. Depending on which special you chose in the Stats Room, your chosen special will occur, such as invincibility.

Yeah, I know that's kind of weird, but it's actually pretty necessary to beat the later levels. It's a pretty easy concept to understand, so you shouldn't have any problems with the game play. Now, there are 4 modes of game play- Easy, Medium, Hard, and High Score. All the modes have 9 levels except for High Score, and completing level gives you something new for the Stats Room. The stats room is a pre-level lobby where you can change your stats, character skin, and special. Your three stats are speed, size, and special, each with a cap of 5. The good news is, you can remove stat points you've already spent and move them somewhere else if you change your mind later on. Now, speed, obviously, increases the rate you move. Extremely helpful, and you can adjust it according to your playing style.

Now, I'm not sure what the creator was thinking, but if you want to handicap yourself, you can invest points in size and increase how big your character is. All this does is make you easier to be hit by those rocks. Sort of, because it doesn't actually hit on the edge of your characters circle, but slightly more in the character's circle. The point is though; size is a useless stat for the most part. Special is useful for increasing the time your special is active. Also, there's a lot of different skins you can unlock, but it doesn't affect your game play in anyway. You can play the difficulties in any order, but in reality, you're going to have start with Easy. Why? Your stat points, specials and skins transfer over.

Now, the differences between the difficulties are really subtle in game play-wise. In easy, you have to collect fewer dots to proceed, while in medium and hard the numbers increase more. Also, in easy, the rocks move at exactly the same speeds, but in medium, they move in 2 or 3 different speeds. This applies to Hard as well, but in Hard, the rocks don't bounce off the edge of the screen like Easy and Medium, but they move off the screen and into the other side. For instance, if a rock in hard difficulty was moving north, and ended up going off the screen, then it would appear at the south side still going north. This, and the number of dots to collect, is the only difference between medium and hard. However, the game is pretty hard during the last stages of medium and hard, so be warned. It requires an extreme amount of patience from smashing your keyboard if you die before you can get the last dot. Overall though, the game play is pretty good.

The graphics in Dots 2 are really plaid. They're simple, and straight to the point really. They're not ugly, and they're not beautiful either. However, if your one of those looking for beautifully drawn objects, you shouldn't be playing this game then.

The music and sound is dull in Dots 2, unfortunately. There's pretty much only 1 or 2 background musics in the game, and they're a kind of techno music that you'll probably hate, or love. But in either case, after 20 minutes of game play, the musics and sound effects may hurt your ears. Luckily, theres that mute button on the top right of the screen.

So, in the end, it's one of those time waster games that you'll play for a few minutes. I'd recommend it if you got a few minutes to spare, or if your new to flash games and want something simple to play.

7/10 - "As fun as playing with dots can get"

Dom Says:
Takes one of my favorite games Ball and adds RPG elements. Love it!!
9/10 - "Taking Ball to the next level"

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