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Flash Game Sponsorship is interested in sponsoring high quality flash games. If you're looking for more exposure for your flash games or earning some cash for your games, then DABontv Flash Sponsorship is for you.

Basically all you do is contact me (email: and once we agree on some terms you place some links in in your game/animation (flash links), show me a demo of your flash game, I pay you via paypal, you give me the full game (just the .swf) and it's a done deal.

Any Rules
Yes, obviously you won't be able to have any other site sponsor or brand the specific game I sponsor, and you can only distribute the version of the game/animation with the links in it... that's about it though.

Do I keep full rights
Yes, of course.

How Much Will I Earn
You are paid based on the quality of your work. If you have a specific price in mind make sure to include this in the email.

What are you looking for
High quality flash games.