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Surrounded Ė A Great Asteroids-esque Game

Reviewed By: KVB
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Surrounded Ė A Great Asteroids-esque Game Finally. A decent Asteroids-esque game that isn't an exact clone. Surrounded (kind of a weak title) is one of the better games of this genre on this site. I don't really know what that genre is, let us call it the flight/shooter/defend-your-base/asteroids-knock-off genre and just go with it.

You fly about and shoot stuff. After each level, you can purchase an upgrade from a decent number of choices from shields, to new ships, to better fire power. The first couple stages are a bit on the easy side, but the difficulty does pick up nicely and proves to be a decent challenge.

My only gripe is the stupid cursor thing that is on the screen the whole time, but that's no big deal. The physics were a bit annoying at first, but after a while, I got used to it, and kind of enjoyed the quirkiness of it.

9/10 - "It's as fun as swimming at your own risk"

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