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Temple Guardian - Mediocre Tower Defense Game

Reviewed By: Craig Stern
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Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian is a mediocre tower defense game with several unique features that distinguish it from such classics as Desktop Tower Defense and Onslaught 2, but in a bad way.

Temple Guardian adheres to the traditional tower defense format, with a set track for enemies to follow rather than an open field where you build your own maze. By default, the game chooses randomly from 10 pre-designed levels, but you can select those manually in the game settings, or even build your own maps using an in-game map editor!

Sounds good so far? Try actually playing it, and your opinion will likely change. For one thing, the game is extraordinarily difficult, even on Easy. This is so partly due to the things that makes this game unique. For example, certain enemies have extremely annoying abilities, such as bypassing half of your towers by tunneling underground or constantly regenerating health as they progress. Enemies that are damage resistant are extremely damage resistant, and will take constant pounding from upgraded towers to kill even on fairly early levels.

Temple Guardian

Speaking of towers, Temple Guardian is a bit lacking in selection. The game contains six types of towers, three of which you can only place right by your temple at the end of the maze. This game does not feature the individualized upgrades of Onslaught 2, and unlike games such as Xeno Tactic and Desktop Tower Defense, each tower can only be upgraded twice. You have only two tower types to start with, neither of which is particularly good. The arrow tower, in particular, becomes worthless very quickly, even with upgrades. Because of this, you're going to find yourself relying on on-road traps quite a lot.

As if this weren't enough, randomly generated trees and rocks block the view of some of your towers, and you'll have to waste precious gold demolishing them. To add insult to injury, even though you begin the game with 50 lives, enemies take huge chunks out of it. Depending on how late in the game the enemies slip through, it could take as little as three of them leaked to kill you. And we're talking about Easy mode, here.

The bottom line: unless you're looking for a game to torment yourself with, you're better off looking to a different tower defense game.

4/10 - "About as much fun as sticking your finger in a blender"

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