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Drakojan Skies: Acolytes - Great Flash Shooter

Reviewed By: Craig Stern
Play Drakojan Skies: Acolytes

Drakojan Skies: Acolytes

If you've been looking for a side-scrolling shooter in Flash, you can stop: this is the one you've been waiting for.

With a wide variety of ships, weapons, and unique, interesting boss battles, Acolytes sports some of the best shooter game play you're likely to find in Flash. Right off the bat, you start with 3 varieties of weapons: your stand front-mounted gun, a charge you can drop below and to the right of your ship, and a limited special missile attack. The different ships you can choose from differ in subtle ways: one ship might feature high maneuverability and fast rate of fire but low damage per shot, while another might be slower and with a lower rate of fire, but much greater damage. The enemy ships vary widely as well, from lightly-armored fighters to big bad cruisers that serve as mini-bosses. They sport a variety of weapons that behave differently, which helps to keep things interesting and unpredictable. You always have to be on your toes while playing this game.

This is without even going into the sound and graphics, both of which are top-notch. The levels look absolutely amazing, as do all of the ships. (You'll definitely love the hangar prototype boss.) The weapons effects and explosions are fantastic. The only thing at all lacking in the art department are the character portraits, some of which look a little bit on the goofy side. The sound is fantastic as well. All of the weapons sound exactly like you'd expect them to, explosions sound deep and satisfying, and the music fits the mood appropriately (though some might not care for the heavy metal music used during boss fights).

The bottom line: this is an awesome shooter, easily one of the best Flash has to offer.

10/10 - "Go play it"

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