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Impossible Quiz Answers 2 - Detailed Walkthrough and Answers

Take the Impossible Quiz 2 Take the Impossible Quiz Impossible Quiz 1 AnswersMore Quiz Games

This was a collaboration from different people emailing me the answers. Thanks!! If you need more help or better answering to the questions email me at

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76. AIDS
77. A fat bloke
78. Err... for this turn the wheel of the box till the box open,any one has complete ans for this may help me,turn till it open,if not enough time(15s Bomb) then use fusestopper
79. Take the Dragon the 'On' to the circle
80. A corpse bra
81. 2nd row the bottom one the 4th one(looks like a duck >.< from left to right)
82. Click obvious when the bomb starts flashing or gets to 2
83. Drag the screen away(theres a hidden platform when u drag the circle,then click next.
84 blue red blue yellow... tip before the game
85. NEVAR!
86. type U
87. arrow instead of carrot
88. dont do anything
89. you would have thought one of them would have ducked
90. TL:DR
91. Not sure about this, but I click her forehead when the red thingy appears
92. none, im on the impossible quiz question no. 92
93. Click "the odd one out"
94. Silence
95. Click the numbers in ascending order, then click "enough" that will appear on the top left of the picture
96. Click the number of lives you have
97. Click 'K" in "BLACK"
98. 5
99. Burst 99 red balloons. Blue will kill you, Green will minus one (balloon).
100. Click 8275 then click the red (flashing) lever

1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100 101-120 

Take the Impossible Quiz 2